02 August 2008

We Won! Best Prepared!

Most racers say if you can't win the race, win the party. Well, our motto is if you can't win the race, win the inspection. Garrett got a big glass jug as a symbol of our extreme preparedness. Everything that was needed for the race was completed well before they asked, we pored over the NOR and OSR to make sure that absolutely everything was completed exactly to the letter. Between everyone's hard work and Garrett's wallet the boat was absolutely ready for this race.

Our inspector, Michael Wood, was fantastic. The race chair, Michael Moradzedeh, put up with more of our questions than he should be required to. Everybody involved in the race was extremely helpful and deserves a small piece of this award.

The boat showed its preparedness with only one piece of breakage, a topping lift. More on that later. Until then, revel in our award!

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Anonymous said...

The trouble with being meticulous about preparation is that it means that things are less likely to go wrong or break when you are actually sailing. This tends to make for a very mundane and boring voyage. It's much more fun if you spend the whole race wondering what is going to break next and whether you are going to reach your destination (a) alive, (b) with or without the boat, or (c) at all.