07 August 2008

Perfectest Day Video Snippet

Ignoring the fact that I almost jabbed my eye out with my sunglasses, this little video snippet gives a good idea about exactly how cool July 20th was. You can see the sun, the boat moving, and me smiling. I also have a video of me up there in the pulpit yelling a DiCaprio-esque "I'm the King of the World". Goofy, I know, but you'd do it too.


Anonymous said...

Yeah, yeah, yeah. We get it. It was perfectest.

Now can we please have some terror?

Or perhaps a video of the crew singing seas shanties?

But, on balance, I think I would prefer terror.

Carol Anne said...

I get a feeling there's not too much difference between terror and those sea shanties.

Anonymous said...

I think this is one of those arty Point of View films.

We experience the sea from the very perspective that Edward saw it for the first three days of the voyage.

The terror is palpable.


Zen said...

Nice color of the water. Is that per-chance Cobalt blue? :-)