07 August 2008

Sparky Makes It!!!!

Check out Sparky's website, he made it! Ruben was the other gentleman involved in the infamous "don't talk to him he's a Pack Cupper" conversation that sparked the Great SHTP v. Pac Cup Feud of Oh Eight.

About 3/4 of the way through the race, he lost the top 2/3 or so of his mast and had to fashion three different jury rigs, deal with a thorough and complete becalming, and make friends with some big fish that were following him to make it to Kauai. My buddy Chris is still there and has probably already greeted him.

Journeys like Ruben's are the stuff that movies are made out of and sailing reputations are born. It takes a certain type of sailor to take off for a 2000 mile ocean journey solo and an even better type of sailor to complete the journey under jury rig without asking for assistance.

As they say on Sailing Anarchy, Go the Sparky!

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