12 July 2008

Singlehanders Blaze A Trail

And they're off! The family and I went down to CYC to see off the singlehanded transpac. We got there two hours before the start, ran down to the dock and found an empty slip where we expected Carroll E to be. Chris' beautiful wife was there and told us the story of how he had been rushed out to make room for some old wooden boats that were due later that morning. Bunch of leaky varnish-hogs, I call them.

Anyway, we stuck around to see our favorite ocean going sailor make his start, enduring dozens of shotgun blasts (yes, Noah freaked out) in the process. Chris made a beautiful squirrel start and is headed to Hawaii. I took dozens of pictures but here's the one of him exactly starting.

Go Carroll E, bring the noise!


Anonymous said...

Ran into one of the Pac Cup Div A boats parked at the fuel dock today - Gaviota. Frighteningly spiffy topsides and brightwork, but no Tiki mug. They'll probably be there Sunday, too.

Lady Bug looking forlorn and abandoned. Bring her something nice from Hawaii. They get jealous, you know.

Joe said...

Awesome, awesome, awesome! What time are you leaving?