09 July 2008

Six More Days Until I Sail To Hawaii!!!

I know I've pointed this out to regular readers of the blog, but I'm sailing to Hawaii! Whoohoo!

On Monday night, I went to a weather seminar given by the incredible Stan Honey and Pineapple Sails' equally talented Kame Richards. I, of course, learned a lot (that's easy when you start at a base of zero) but that's not really the point.

I sat down at a table with Garrett (Oceanaire's owner) and Chris (my next slip neighbor and singlehanded sailing superstar). Looking at the table, I realized I needed a beer so I got up and asked if anyone else wanted one. Nobody did, but Garrett pulled out his wallet and said he'd buy it for me. And that's the point. Why would he buy me a beer when he's enabling me to SAIL TO HAWAII!

That's right, I get to SAIL TO HAWAII!


Unknown said...

Any chance you could use an extra hand for delivery crew? I am currently in Honolulu and I would Love to help you sail back to California.

EVK4 said...

Lisa, our boat is currently full for the way back but I bet you can find plenty of takers on the Pac Cup crew list. Also check for the Vic-Maui boats that are coming in right now.

Tillerman said...

Isn't it kind of strange that you can sail a third of the way across an ocean and still be in the same country?

EVK4 said...

it's pretty cool not to have to worry about clearing customs, carrying that little yellow flag, or exchanging currency. On the other hand, I really like getting my passport stamped.

Carol Anne said...

At least you are much better prepared than another crew that I have heard of.

About 10 years ago, at the peak of the dot-com bubble, three best buds from here in Albuquerque had found great jobs in Silicon Valley, and they took up sailing as a hobby.

They discovered that they liked the sport, and they decided that they would take their next vacation sailing to Hawaii ... on a Catalina 22.

The journey started out all right, until about the second day, when they ran out of beer. The rest of the voyage was miserable.

When they got to Hawaii, they sold the boat and flew home.

Anonymous said...

Fantastic. Three brave serious ocean going racers cross a serious ocean in a tiny coracle of a boat with no beer or rum enduring untold miseries in the serious ocean. Someone should make a movie.

Lonnie Bruner said...

Oh man, Edward, you could look hardcore with this when you arrive in Hawaii.

Carol Anne said...

Actually, I misspoke. They didn't run out of beer until the third day of the journey.

Christy ~ Central Air said...

Hey Edward -

Are you one of the "newer, stronger" crew or one of the "older, wiser" crew? ;-)

Contra Costa Times article

WooHoo - go get 'em, sailor!