14 July 2008

Time, She Moves Slowly

For the last three days, I've felt a day away from the race. Everything is just so ready that it's killing me. Heidi will look over at me every once in a while and say, "aren't you gone yet?" I know what she's saying. It's like time has stopped while waiting for the start. Hell, I don't even know what tense to write this post in.

I'm now just a day away from going. I packed on Saturday so there's nothing to do there. I've been going into all sorts of odd minutiae to keep myself feeling like I'm moving forward. But I have to catch myself every so often to remind myself that I'm not Lewis & Clark, I'm going on a frickin' 2 week race that ends at a luxury beach-front condo, I don't really have to acclimate myself to the wilderness to the point that I can make my own venison jerky. Besides, there are no deer on the open ocean.

I'm as prepared as I'll ever be. I just need to find a way to speed up time to catch back up to my schedule.


Anonymous said...

Edward- As I sit here stuck to my chair on a muggy NY day I find myself reading your blog with shades of green flashing before my eyes. This could very well be an early sign of heatstroke but I think it has a little more to do with envy. Cant wait to chart your progress. Wondering if you are bringing the kite/camera device that you had talked about.

bonnie said...

Fair winds, following seas, may the sea serpents & mo'o stay far from your boat, all that good stuff!

Have a blast. I shall be following along with profoundest envy.

Anonymous said...

Aren't you gone yet? I thought you posted about the start on Saturday.

Now I've read it again I see it was some other guy starting that day. Does that mean the "other guy" gets a three day jump on you? How strange. Why don't they just put all the boats on the line on one day and shout, "GO"? I guess I will never understand Serious-Ocean Going Racing.

PS All the best for when you do eventually start. Hope you beat the "other guy".

Anonymous said...

have a nice trip
don't forget to write
wear sunscreen
but most important
does your iPhone work?