22 May 2008

Where's Waldo

Ten blog-points to the first person that can find my boat in this picture (click for a bigger size):

This was taken by KAP Cris and shamelessly stolen by me off of flickr. The KAP in his name equals Kite Aerial Photography. I just happen to be near where he does his work.

I'm seriously considering putting together a kite rig for the Pac Cup a la my esteemed SHTPing neigbhor (who was apparently out sailing when this shot was taken).


Anonymous said...

That one over there with the only perfect cleat hitch on A-dock.

Carol Anne said...

Kite Aerial Photography -- cool.

Pat has wanted to get aerial photos of some of our regattas, and his idea was a radio-controlled helicopter. But I didn't like the idea of something with a motor intruding on our motor-free activity.

But a kite -- that seems perfect. If there's enough wind to sail, there's enough wind to fly the kite. And when the wind gets too high for a helicopter is about when it's just right for exciting sailing -- but a kite would still be flying.

Anonymous said...

OK, I see your boat in the photo, but I cheated - I used local knowledge.

I think I saw you today - or at least someone on your boat - but I had no way of making contact. I figured you wouldn't be monitoring 16 in the slip. And there's the matter of the keys - so I couldn't walk over and say hello. Looked like you were pulling a splinter out of your foot.

Mad Hatter is about five slips away from me, but I don't know the guy. He's either not around when I am, or very small and hard to spot.

Tillerman said...
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