27 May 2008

Why Singlehanded Transpackers Rock

I just saw my friend Chris' bio on the SHTP site. He gives a good snapshot of what's good about the SHTPers: they're funny, they're self-reliant, they're usually pretty intelligent. But most of all, Chris incorporated my blog into his bio.

What a line:
With a PHRF akin to a coconut Chris welcomes the three other water-line challenged boats entered in this year’s race.
See, that just might be a reference to my Even a Coconut Could Do It post. If a coconut or robotic overlord can make it to Hawaii, why do you need crew?

To top that off, he has a picture of the gifted Pack Cup on his site. I'm still not over the generosity of him giving me his "welcome to Hawaii" tiki mug but you can bet it'll be used extensively on my maiden Pacific Cup journey.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

His name is Christian Humann? Is that his real name, or has he entered in the allegorical division?

In his mind, the Gifted Cup could be a chalice, and his race is a personal quest for the... wow, those single handers ARE focused.