09 May 2008

What's That Mean?

My other blog is not the place to make fun of my crewmates. This one is. So I present to you the nav panel.

These are five intelligent, seasoned sailors all staring at a single instrument, presumably trying to figure out what button to hit to do something or another. This nav panel is infuriating. It just has too much on it. Apparent wind angle? Sure but why not look up at the top of the mast? Rudder angle? Of course, but isn't there a kingspoke on the wheel? One of the panels rotates between SOG and COG so you have to wait a while to figure out what you're looking for.

So that's their excuse for looking confused. Except if I remember right, the exhilirating nav panel lesson that was being administered was how to turn off the autopilot.


Tillerman said...

Ha. You can't fool me. They're all watching Phil playing SailX.

Lonnie Bruner said...

Oh shit, I can beat that one. Check this out. That's me with the cigarette looking like this is the first time I've seen a PFD.

Edward, please remind me again when the Pac Cup begins?

Carol Anne said...

Ah, I remember on the boat Pat and I chartered to take to Catalina, I was at the helm, and "someone" fiddling around down below at the nav station accidentally turned on the autopilot. Suddenly, the wheel wrenched itself out of my hands and wouldn't let me steer any more. This was especially terrifying as we were crossing a busy shipping channel and those container ships are not only huge, they're fast-moving.

Ah, another learning experience.

EVK4 said...

Lonnie, I like that you have a window in your bimini to check sail trim. Pac Cup starts 7/14.