17 April 2008

Who Said This?

"the meek shall inherit the earth, the brave will get the oceans"

I can't find any attribution for it but it really makes us sailors sound tough doesn't it? I saw it in some guy named _Vegas_'s sig line and a few sites show up with it on google. Anyone know where it came from?

I'm sure the final answer will be a T-shirt shop in Annapolis but maybe it'll be Oscar Wilde or someone.


Lonnie Bruner said...


Unknown said...

I've never heard it before, but I intimately know the truth of it. Splashed the boat today, last of the ice gone seven days now, tomorrow to rig the main and go blow some cobwebs out.

Hmmmm, brave is standing in the cockpit on a downwind run in light to moderate gales, seas measured in meters chasing you and other than checking to be sure the hatch boards are securely in place, your next most important concern is to not spill the hot coffee in the travel mug in your hand. A 'little' wet I can stand, the loss of my morning coffee, nope.


Anonymous said...

The meek shall inheret nothing.