20 April 2008

Dockside Conversation

I was walking down the dock yesterday when I saw a couple of Singlehanded Transpackers coming my way. As they approached, one looked at the other and said, "don't talk to him, he's a Pac Cupper" and then they sneered. I countered with "you're just jealous that I'm in the FUN RACE TO HAWAII."

I'm pretty sure they then went to their boats to contemplate Nietzche or whatever singlehanders do. I think I'll be seeing these guys on the Ocean come July. I'll have to learn how to read E llorraC in a rearview mirror!


Anonymous said...

I'm confused. There are TWO different races across the Pacific and the folk sailing each race won't talk to each other? How come? Why do you hate each other so much?

And another thing. The race is only to Hawaii? Last time I looked at a chart of the Pacific that's only about a third of the way across. Shouldn't it be called the Third-of-the-way-across-the Pacific Cup?

Anonymous said...

PS. Who is Laura C?

EVK4 said...

It's Carroll E backwards in a very lame attempt at creating a rivalry with a slower singlehanded boat. Seriously, we don't even have a rear view mirror on Oceanaire! How will we know she's back there?

Anonymous said...

Oh great, we do need a rivalry for your story. Blow by blow accounts about how you battle them all the way across the Pacific.

Oh, and sorry about the sneer about "third of the way". It came out a lot meaner than I intended it. Anyone who can sail that far has my utmost respect. Especially if you are going to attempt to do it without the aid of a rear-view mirror.