17 April 2008

The Great Coffee Bean Experiment

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I have done it. A few of you may remember my plan for quitting coffee. I didn't believe it was possible but I have done it.

Michael, over at Peconic Puffin gave me the best advice...slowly wean myself from the juice and it will cut back on withdrawals. I started in January and was down to 1 cup a day the weekend before last. Then I got sick and was laid out in bed. Score! If I was going to feel miserable, have a headache, and feel like throwing up anyway, why not throw some detox time in too.

A friend had told me that I would only have detox symptoms for ~5 days. Well, he was wrong, I had the afternoon headaches for 9 days but I've now had 3 straight days with no symptoms and think I'm off of the stuff finally.

Now, I can sail to Hawaii.


Zen said...


Lonnie Bruner said...

Why would ANYONE want to quit coffee?

EVK4 said...

Oh, I don't *want* to. I love coffee and I'm picking the habit right back up on or about July 27th.

What I don't want is to have the withdrawal symptoms on that one day when it's all hands on deck and nobody can get below to brew me a caffeine fix.

I don't actually foresee this on a tradewinds sail but on my North Atlantic trip there were a few days like that.

PeconicPuffin said...

Nine days! Wow. When you retox in Hawaii (kona beans) you are going to have an outstanding time!

Brendhan said...


15 cans. wouldn't weigh more than 8 lbs. My treat.