07 January 2008

Three Bridge Fiasco!

I've done it again. I've gone and entered the Three Bridge Fiasco! For a race that I've yet to complete I certainly love this one. But this is the year. In the past, there's either been way too much wind, a new baby at home, or not enough wind. This year it's going to be perfect. Or at least within an acceptable range between 5 and 35 knots of wind.

As usual, Lady Bug is entered in the non-spinnaker double-handed division with the slow boats. Some would say the "cruisers". It's a pretty small division. Our start, likewise, isn't too crowded. Last year, there were only four other boats with a 198 rating and they were racing spinnaker. Racing DH Non-spin, there were ratings from 180 (Newport and Catalina 30s) to 261 (Columbia Challenger). Zen, there was an Islander 28 racing at 201...you should consider this race.

Kathy, my most reliable and enthusiastic crewmember, is second in command this time. Luckily, she won't hold the 3BF shirt's decidedly unflattering lines against me. If anyone from SSS is reading this, long-sleeve mock turtlenecks aren't the best look for your female and/or stylish racers.

19 more days until the race, remember to wish us luck on the 26th!


Brendhan said...

Kathy and I watched (and loved) "Deep Water" this weekend. Run, don't walk, to rent this.

Absolutely amazing story of the single handed around the world race in 1968. (I think I lent you the book.)

Please watch it (and the extras) and let me know what you think.

Hey-we'll have an actual sailing conversation!

Zen said...

I would love to, but, I would need to leave on Friday to be there on Sat = 1 day of loss pay.
I will drive over to the Bay maybe I can get some photos with my tele-lens for the blog. Or met up with you in Berekeley before launch for a pre-race interview and photo op!

Zen said...

oh yeah! Bueno Suerte! Cool running! Ganbatte! fair winds!