08 January 2008

Surprise! Lady Bug Is Not A Sportboat

Lady Bug is a speed machine. One time I even passed a Melges 24 (ummm, at the dock). So in the back of my mind, I kept thinking....yeah what if I really have a sportboat, not some stock heavy massive-production mid-70s daycruiser? Lady Bug might be a sportboat.

Every year that I sign up for the Three Bridge Fiasco, I look at the link on their site: Sportboat Calculator. I figure there's some exotic formula lurking back there involving top speed when falling off a wave, height of the skipper, sail area, quality of the beer in the cooler, and number of blog hits per day. In my revelry, I fantasize that Lady Bug might just qualify. And I don't click because I don't want this fantasy ruined.

Well, today I clicked. It asks for LWL and displacement. Crap. I have 23 feet and 7000 pounds. Even I know that there is no way that 23 feet and 7000 pounds could be considered sporty in any endeavor outside of boulder-tossing. I know my Disp/LWL is 257, it's calculated on my PHRF certificate. What I didn't expect was the simple clarification that SSS' Calculator made: Boat is to be sailed in the SPORTBOAT class? NO. In capital letters no less.


Zen said...

My condolances

Litoralis said...

It's nice to know that my Laser would be considered a sportboat even if I weighed 329lbs.