20 November 2007

Something's Gotta Change

And that something is the gigantic picture of Barry Bonds' head at the top of the blog. And this not-sailing-business, that, too, has to change.

On Saturday, Noah and I went to the boat just to play around. It's still eerie that nobody is out sailing, the Bay is pretty empty. While there, about five boats from OCSC went out, plus this thing:

I am not sure what it is. It's either a junk boat (it looks like the marine equivalent of one of those pickup trucks loaded preposterously high with cut-up cardboard) or a "skimmer". I'm only saying it might be a skimmer because there are skimmers out there and I don't know what one looks like. I've never seen one of these so I'm putting two and two together and possibly getting three.

Either way, thanks to the Cosco Busan, this is as close as I can come to a sailing story this week.

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