15 November 2007


From ESPN.

I love that ESPN now has a picture of Barry's GIGANTIC head on the front page. Seriously, it takes up almost half of my screen. Back in 93 it was only like a third of my screen. More proof for the feds.


Tillerman said...

Isn't it amazing that these high profile federal cases against celebrities (Martha Stewart, Scooter Libby, Barry Bonds) so often end up with an indictment for lying rather than for any underlying crime?

I think we ought to have a constitutional amendment protecting the right to lie to law enforcement officials.

Zen said...

Is this guy a sailor?

bonnie said...

Hey, Edward...

I see you're a member of a certain spoof blog.

I seem to be a contributor too, although nobody asked me & there's no credit given.

This picture is on a Cheese Scow gallery.

I've sent a message to the gmail account asking that it be taken down, but it's being ignored. I guess I spend too much time in Soho to be worth notice (hey, it's where my job is, OK?).

Could just be Thanksgiving week, too, I suppose.

Anyways -

Do you have any access and/or pull with these people? I'd really appreciate it if my photo was not on that website. People can waste as much time flinging crap as they want to - all I ask is not to be involved.

Hope the Bay's getting better.