20 November 2007

Edward's Laser Olympic Campaign

This is a Laser:

This is Edward:

This is Edward on a Laser on Drugs:

Otherwise known as the closest Edward will ever get to campaigning a Laser in the Olympics as a last-ditch end-of-year effort to get on Tillerman's Top Ten Blogs list for 2007.


Tillerman said...

You need a sponsor and a Latin motto.

Anonymous said...

Don't forget an awesome vinyl sticker to put on the side of your hull.

Christy ~ Central Air said...

Every time I look at this, I nearly pee my pants. (This is more a statement on your cleverness and good humor than it is on my own personal bladder-control issues.)

You rock! 2012 GOLD!!

Anonymous said...

Your prestige as a Laser Olympic Campaigner has led us to the conclusion that we would be remiss if we did not invite you to join the US Sailing team as a training partner for our sailors headed to Qingdao.

Tillerman said...

There you go. I'm sure it was the vinyl decal that tipped the scales in your favor.

Unknown said...

Edward will need to undergo a serious operation if 'she' wants to sail that rig at the Games!