15 October 2007

First Chowder of the Fall

Ah man, I think I just found out what it's like to sail in San Diego. This weekend was perfect! I was worried that we had too much crew (that's a first for me) but by the end of the race we had 15 knots of wind and it was nice to have a bit of righting moment.

As usual, most of the crew was new to sailing. If nothing else, I introduce people to the sport even if they never come back. My master tactician took a few turns on the helm on the run back home; she didn't pass any boats but I'm pretty sure she enjoyed it.

The start was a bit disturbing; we got out there, took a quick look around at our competition and realized that we couldn't hang with any of these boats. Finally, right at the end, we saw a couple of boats that we should beat. We'd have to be at least 4-5 minutes ahead to win on corrected time and I'm pretty sure we did though I didn't bother going to find out. Either way, it's fun to have boats to compete with even if you lose to them on corrected; it just sucks to be the last one out there.

And since it's blogger enviro-awareness day...don't litter.

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