17 October 2007

Happy Boat

Anybody remember the Beat Farmers song, Happy Boy? I sure do but that's not the point. The point is that I have the tune to Happy Boy stuck in my head with the words Happy Boat substituted.

I was looking through my photos from last Sunday's chowder race and noticed two things very interesting. In almost every picture people were smiling. And Camille took 4 almost identical pictures of Kathy's back.

The first could be because I run a Happy Boat. Or it could be because it was a sensationally beautiful day and there were two boats behind us. Some were kind of posed but most weren't. Both of these were but I like the pictures anyway:

As to the second point, I think giving the camera to the lone 6 year old is at fault for that one.


Nathalie Criou Racing said...

Hello Happy Boat Crew!

Got your comments on the Elise blog about the Pac Cup. If you want to chat further, you can email me (using the BeatSarcoma email will be fine):

Happy sailing!

Zen said...

Dude, I'm passing through your Turf err... wave base this weekend to and from Alameda. Dial in some good weather.

Zen said...

I want a happy boat too!

EVK4 said...

It's looking like sunny with light winds...sort of like last weekend I guess.

Brendhan said...

If you don't have mojo nixon, your store could use some fixin!