28 August 2007

We Sailed Too

With all the mourning these past few days, it's almost been forgotten that we went sailing. Upon discovery of our deceased friend, we ceremoniously put him in a Ziploc bag and went about the business of sailing. It's how Brendhan would have wanted it.

This summer we've fallen into a very good routine. Meet at the boat mid-morning, bundle up for the cold and start the upwind slog to Angel Island. We arrive at Ayala Cove around lunch time, eat either on a mooring or on the Island, enjoy the now-sunny day, and then revel in the out of control broad reach home.

Sunday was no different except that it was. Camille and I planned a father/daughter sail, inviting a good friend of hers whose Dad sailed as well. We now had three competent sailors on board and a very fun day ahead. Camille and her friend had a blast, hiking, steering, yelling ahoy, all the stuff that a 6 year old is supposed to do.

What's unusual about this picture? Where's the Captain? Well, she's sitting right there in the cockpit driving the boat. I took on photography duty thinking it would be a very nice picture of a father/daughter team hiking hard to help our upwind speed. As I centered the viewfinder, I realized that I had Camille in the frame driving the boat. And that she was 100% alone in the cockpit as I leaned wide over the rail for my picture. And, most importantly, she was keeping a perfect course on the wind.

I don't think I'd just turn the boat over to her and go take a nap, but I am so thankful and happy and proud that she can hold a course while I run all over the boat. This has been an incredible summer for sailing; having her learn so much has just been icing on the cake.

Now I need to get her one of those cool Captain's Hats.


EVK4 said...

Before I get too much grief and reported to Child Protection Services, the windspeed was about 8 knots AND we had a reef in the main. The boat was very controllable in that configuration.

Anonymous said...

Looks like Camille is ready for 20 kts.

EVK4 said...

She only knows two knots: the bowline and figure eight. Hell, I'm pretty sure I only know about five or six.

Carol Anne said...

Brava Camille!

I bet she knows more knots than she's letting on. Check her out on the double-slip reef knot.