27 August 2007

A Higher Calling

It is a sad day on the Sailing Yacht Lady Bug, our beloved mascot Brendhan the Mantid has passed away. As sailors, we all know the dangers of the marine lifestyle, the constant sun, the wind, the corrosive salt, and mostly the lack of edible bugs. We all endure this because the beauty of the sea feeds our souls if not our frail bodies.

Brendhan the Mantid embodied this ideal; he loved the Sea perhaps more than any of us. He left the safety and comfort of a garden, or perhaps a municipal park, to live the nautical life, eating what few bugs he could find to celebrate the sea and enrich the lives of everyone on the Sailing Yacht Lady Bug.

We hardly knew Brendhan the Mantid yet he touched us all. We don't know where he came from or why he was on the boat. We just know that he loved that cockpit coaming that he called home and took great care of the jib downhaul line, ensuring no rope mites could eat at its core.

Brendhan the Mantid and I had an uneasy friendship at times. Who could forget the time I jammed a winch handle into his home only to recoil as he emerged ready to attack? Or the time I ordered him off of my ship for the innocent crime of being creepy-looking?

But we had great times as well. In our first meeting as I joyously announced that we had a stowaway, calling the kids on deck to take a look. And that first sail when he became such a respected member of the crew that we forgot we had a six-legged friend living in the cockpit coaming. Mostly, we can thank him for tirelessy protecting Lady Bug from other predators.

We will hold a small service, a viewing and ceremony, on Sunday, September 2 on board the Sailing Yacht Lady Bug where the most nautical of all mantids, Brendhan, will be buried at sea. Donations can be made in his honor to The Sierra Club.

Celebrate Brendhan the Mantid's all too short life as he keeps the afterlife free of rope mites.


Zen said...

Alas another tragedy!, Life is so short and fleeting. RIP brave Mantis we will remember your tireless devotion to duty. RIP

Better to live full life on the sea then have it cut short getting a little Nucky from an uncaring mate that only cares about you as food value and sex.

RIP know that the crew has lost a vital member, and though they did not fully regrade you as a great sailing warrior whilst you served, as all greats one, you will be missed. RIP

note: interestingly there was a well known Praying Mantis teacher in S.F. named Brendan a few years ago, who passed away.

Tillerman said...

My condolences. I know that he was just like family to you and he brightened the lives of millions who read of his nautical exploits on your blog.

I hope you are planning a Viking funeral so he can go down in flames with his vessel?

Christy ~ Central Air said...

OMG, what a graphic, disturbing 'snuff' photo. Some of us could have lived without that, but it was thoughtful of you to, uhm, fully document the event.

And, uh, sorry for your loss. I never particularly cared for your stowaway, but I sincerely hope that he didn't suffer.


Brendhan said...

Did you suppress a scream like a 7 year old girl while you move the carcass?

EVK4 said...

Christy, I guess I figured that if I was going to be sending this in for a first grade show and tell then it was probably OK for my viewing audience. Then again, this creature is pretty frightening even in stasis.

Carol Anne said...

We shall all mourn the loss of Brendhan the Brave. Let us make a toast in his honor.

Anonymous said...

Please accept my condolences. As the nameless crew member who once was to dispose of the creature upon its discovery, I felt a special bond with it. The bod was deepened when I (just now) learned of its name. I found this information about the name "Brendhan" and thought it would be some comfort to you:

"The name Brendan... is of Irish, Gaelic and Celtic origin, and its meaning is "prince". Saint Brendan of Ireland (sixth century), known as "the Voyager", is famed for his scholarship and adventurous traveling, including a seven-year voyage to a land that some think may have been North America..."

Anonymous said...

The light that burns brightest, burns briefest. May choruses of cicadas sing him sweetly to rest.