23 August 2007

Banana on Board

I wrote recently about the Banana On Board Superstition. It became very clear that nobody really knows where this comes from.

But, anecdotally, I found another instance where a banana on board was just plain bad luck. Re-watching Pirates of the Caribbean, I noticed that Captain Jack Sparrow was carrying a banana in the scene where he was filling out his crew in Tortuga. His first mate had just told him that bringing a woman along was bad luck, Captain Jack Sparrow then mutters something inane about it being worse to not have her. He says this while holding a frickin' banana in his hand, presumably to be carried on board the ship!

Image Copyright Disney Corporation

Either way, what could be worse than your captain carrying an unripe banana on board while setting off on a journey to fight a crew of the damned in an island named Death? What the heck, why not just leave on a Friday during hurricane season while you're at it.

Back to the movie, can anyone guess what happened after this? Yep, you got it, bad luck. He lost his ship, not once but twice, was stranded on a deserted island, became undead momentarily, was sentenced to death, and was not once allowed to shower apparently.

Valued blog-readers, please heed this tale, leave the bananas at the dock.


Anonymous said...

I like the new look of the blog.

Christy ~ Central Air said...

Ideally, I'd leave the banana at home and just bring Johnny instead. 0:-) ~Christy~

Anonymous said...

Let me second Joe. Very nice design