01 June 2007

Pirate Master

“Power corrupts, and absolute power corrupts absolutely.”

Ain't that the truth. I know that every time I am in command of a vessel I insist that my minions bring me fresh fruit, pull on the proper lines, and shower me with praise. Otherwise, I beat them. The crew must obey.

But this clown on "Pirate Master" is absurd. Somehow, he really thinks he's a pirate captain because a few other reality-TV clowns made the mistake of picking him captain. I love this. This show would be absolutely horrible if this sbozo* hadn't helped out by taking himself WAY too seriously.

Now we have our villain the fearsome Cap'n JoeDon:

He has taken half the gold, got rid of the guy with the compasses, and generally set a reality-TV record for pompous self-importance. Somehow it seeminly hasn't occured to him that the other people get to play captain at some point too.

I am so rooting for the hillbilly from the fishdocks. Go Hillbilly!

*please read this article to see why sbozo is funny.

1 comment:

Carol Anne said...

Not only is this guy utterly incompetent, he doesn't look anywhere near as good as you or your son do in a pirate outfit.