02 June 2007


OK, I know this isn't too interesting, but heck it's on a boat so that makes it one of the premiere "on a boat vlog"s in the world. Things I learned:

1. have a point
2. put my bug in the opposite corner from YouTube's
3. some music would be nice
4. damn, I have some big nostrils

This is probably going to be weekly; I'll just try to have something to say in the upcoming weeks.


Tillerman said...

Best on-a-boat-vlog on the planet.

Zen said...

Got my vote also!

Anonymous said...

Bravo Edward! I am jealous that you beat me to this of course. Can't wait for the next one. I have found that Bliptv (www.bliptv.com) offers far better quality than Youtube if you're interested about that. ww

Carol Anne said...

Ooooh, you hurt me. I wish that I could see your video, but alas, I can't. All I have is a dialup connection, and here at Five O'Clock Somewhere, the dialup is rural, and its quality is such that it's less than half the speed of ordinary dialup.

Worse, the local telephone company tempts us. Once a month, it sends out an advertisement promoting its DSL service -- but when we call to take the company up on its offer, we find that DSL isn't available in our neighborhood, and probably never will be -- there just aren't enough potential subscribers out here.

This baffles me -- why is the phone company sending me offers every month for a service that it will never offer? How much is the company wasting in printing costs and postage to make me want to buy something that isn't available? I'm guessing that the phone company is sending this monthly junk mail to all of its customers, but I'm also guessing that three-quarters of said customers aren't even remotely near where the company will run DSL lines -- we're talking heavy-duty rural here.

Oh, yeah, there was some sort of Federal subsidy that was supposed to support Internet access in economically disadvantaged rural areas. I guess what the local phone company is doing counts for the purposes of the subsidy.

Lonnie Bruner said...

Man, is it that cold out there in Oakland?

I'm heading out tomorrow for a five day trip on the Chesapeake and it's in the 80s!

EVK4 said...

SanFrancisco Bay has some odd weather patterns in the summer. The water maintains a pretty consistent 50 degrees so we start the day with chilly wet fog, as it heats up inland, the fog burns off and we get a rip-roaring thermal breeze.

Mornings: it's cold, foggy, with 10 knots.

Afternoons: cold, sunny, with 25 knots.

Anonymous said...

Lonnie....are you trying to escape from the aftermath of your hot tub debate from a little while back?

Brendhan said...

Jesus that is the cutest little dude in the world. I heartily recommend an all Noah, all the time blog.

Anonymous said...

Good blog. Like it a lot, you would think that a 7-year-old would not have a blog.

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