29 June 2007

Pickup Crew

I think I've complained in the past about how hard it is to get people to go sailing. Most of the people that I know are very similar to me...about my age and marital status, about the same number of kids, and about the same amount of free time. Given those constraints, I only find time to sail infrequently and sailing is one of the most important things in my life. I, for some reason, was expecting people to whom sailing isn't one of the most important things to find time to sail.

So, my beautiful wife suggested another tack (that's a sailing joke people, cue the laughter): a crew list. Thinking my chances were about the same as with my landlubbing so-called friends, I hit up the first ten to go sailing. The problem was, I got a 40% success rate and only had two spots available on the boat that day. I sure didn't see that coming.

I'm going to slowly make up for it and get all four of those people out on the water with me. Another one is going out on Sunday and I'll try to get the fourth out the Sunday after that. Maybe I can actually build a consistent crew that has time and maybe even calls me and asks if I'm going sailing.

Then again, there's the chance that nobody really wants to sail with me after the first time. Could be either.


Brendhan said...

Jesus, those people on the list are like my bizzaro world opposite. My listing might read: "Looking for an excuse to hang out with my friend. Will try not to barf. Look for me below deck".

Zen said...

too many is a good thing


Carol Anne said...

Here's a really weird thought ... make a list of people you have met through the blogosphere, who would be interested in being crew on your boat even though we know your shortcomings.

Then whenever one of us happens to be near the Bay Area, presto, you have somebody to sail with. And so do we.

Tillerman said...

Great idea. Edward, does your boat have hiking straps?

EVK4 said...

Why, yes it does. There's a little strap right down the middle but I'm telling you the best way to sail this thing is leaning forward over the centerboard trunk facing forward...hiking is really difficult.

Unless you mean the Newport. Just lean on the lifeline.