26 June 2007

Strange Things are Afoot at the A30

A while back, I boarded a haunted boat. The story I wrote was mostly based on fact (the mess, the boarding, the boredom while waiting for my graphics to dry). The rest of it was, well, I guess you could say made up. Fiction. Creative license.

But now strange things are afoot at the Circle K. The day of the boarding, the battens for my El Toro disappeared. Not lost, that would imply that I lost them. They disappeared. Poof! Gone.

The next week, the wind comes from the South. In the summer. And the guy in the slip across from me talks to me for the first time ever.

Not only does he talk to me, but he confesses that he used to live on the "haunted" boat but I know for a fact he's not the smelly guy because my source identified the smelly guy in the past tense.

And, most disturbing of all, my sunglasses disappeared. Probably to the same spot that the battens got to....in another dimension that can only be explained by Super String Theory or the paranormal.

I have my eye out for more of the Unexplained. But let it be known that if something does truly "happen" to me, it's the boat in Slip A32's fault.


Brendhan said...

I think you're inferring that one of those newly chatty neighbors stole your stuff. Are you going to mount a concealed, motion triggered video camera to catch them in the act?

Edward, it's posts like you last one that keep us non-sailing readers hooked.

Zen said...

I think you disturbed something on the boat, now it's after you...



EVK4 said...

non-sailors?!? Who, and what, are these non-sailors? They're probably the bastards that stole my stuff...

Carol Anne said...

Clearly, all of the stuff that has gone missing has gone somewhere. Since you boarded that haunted boat, my socks have been disappearing from the laundry at twelve times the usual rate. The evil spirits are reaching out through the blogiverse and purloining not just your stuff, but also that of your faithful readers.