13 June 2007

Big Blue

I haven't gone on much about this because pictures aren't really doing it justice but over the last few weeks, I've had my topsides totally cleaned, polished and, umm, un-oxidized. I will never have the time or the patience to do it myself so I hired a guy based on a flyer at the marina. This particular gentleman worked his tail off on the days that he decided to show up and my 32 year old boat looks like new.

When I got my one and only shot of Lady Bug tearing through the water under sail, my beautiful wife took one look at the picture and said, "I didn't know the paint looked that good." Turns out it was only because it was wet, the topsides are/were ridiculously oxidized. Well, 3 weeks of show up one day, don't show up for a week, Christopher finished the polishing and the boat absolutely sparkles.

I got one picture mid-way through that kind of shows the difference of the oxidized v. sparkly gelcoat, take a look:

It's the pointy part that's not done yet for you landlubbers who don't know the difference between gelcoat and hairgel. (It's always good to poke fun at landlubbers). I can't help but think that the smooth finish is going to make me faster upwind too, I hope I don't take a ratings hit.


Lonnie Bruner said...

Less fluff and more sailing! Your readers want sailing -- actual sailing.

No, just kidding. That freaking boat is beautiful. Hey EVK4, I have a question for you. What's your email? Better yet, email me: lonniebruner AT gmail DOT com.

- LB

Zen said...

The glare is too much , where are my bloody shades :-)

Anonymous said...


I think I found you crew, of all places in Schooner Oaks, Stuart, FL. Dad's neighbor's son was visiting from San Francisco (soon to move to Hayward) and would love the opportunity to sail.

His name is Richard he has your information. Nice guy.