18 June 2007

She's Alive!

I had a sailing weekend worth blogging about but unfortunately, I do have to work. So the plan is to pepper the week with sailing stories (the dinghy, the tacking duel, the fishing boat battering ram, the sail, the haunted boat, and, of course, the name).

This weekend, Lady Bug became official, she now has a name. After an exhilarating sail, we were heading back to the marina when Bob asked if I had the graphics for the name with me. Why, yes, I did. So we headed in and got to work.

I took off my shoes, sat on the dock, noticed how cold the freakin' Bay is, and put the name on. Seriously, they say you have a 50% chance of living after 50 minutes in 50 degree water. I think those chances are a bit high...people, do not fall into the Bay.

10 minutes of applying and 120 minutes of waiting later, Lady Bug is alive!!!


Zen said...

looking good!

"Raps" said...

I really like that! I want to get graphics for my boat... someday.

bonnie said...