01 February 2007

It's the New Crew Review, Coming Right at You

My crew list is getting bigger. At the Sadie Hawkins Regatta in February, I'm slated to have three new crew on board. Probably a good time for new crew as we'll be racing in the Estuary not in the Central Bay with less wind and less chop.

I'm excited about these three for very different reasons. The first two, Rick and Ben, have never sailed and have been resisting going sailing for some time. They're going to get easy jobs up on the rail while being in charge of adult beverages and enjoying the views. Laura has sailed extensively in her native Italy and is a Pastry Chef. She'll have the trickier job of trimming the main. And, she's a pastry chef. What crew is complete without a pastry chef?

So far this season, I've had seven different people crew, with four more slated in the next two regattas. I think we need this many just to ensure that we have enough people week in and week out. Of course, unless I get the margarita mixer working, I may lose my two newest.


Tillerman said...

Sounds like Laura is a natural for when you enter the San Pellegrino Cooking Cup.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like a pretty intimidating team Edward.

EVK4 said...

We went with looks over skills, beauty over brawn. Sometimes you have to make the difficult decisions.

Carol Anne said...

Great minds think alike. As soon as I heard you had a pastry chef on your crew, I instantly thought, "San Pellegrino Cup."

Zen said...

Hey when is this? Maybe we'll drive over and be your land based Cheer squad. We have a couple of Sat. sort of free, Sunday's I go solo mostly, if not booked. At he least maybe I can get a couple of pictures for you.
Hmm I'll do a quick google.

Zen said...

DOh ! Feb 24.
I have a semminar in Berkeley that weekend :-(