30 January 2007

Bare Bottomed Boats

Since Mother Nature messed up my plans on Saturday, I had to go to Plan B. Instead of drifting around the Berkeley Circle being cold and fog-blind, we headed back into the Marina and got busy with some Easy Off Oven Cleaner, the first step to the Renaming Ritual.

A bit of scrubbing and voila! a clean backside:

I haven't done the denaming ceremony since I haven't completely wiped the name off of every part of the boat (binoculars, some bits and pieces of gear). But that's coming up soon. What I'm wondering about is old log books, it seems like that should be an exception, you should be allowed to keep the old name there out of respect for past voyages.

I have ordered the new vinyl for the transom and expect it in the next couple of weeks, so I have a bit of time to get all my denaming ducks in a row. I think I'm going to keep the old name until Opening Day so that I can have a big celebration for the naming ceremony with the whole family and friends on board.

In case you've never read John Vigor's Denaming and Naming Rituals, click on the link. I've used it before and it worked.


Tillerman said...

That bare backside looks so sad.

Carol Anne said...

I note that Vigor specifically says that old logbooks are to be taken ashore, so it would seem that you don't need to destroy them. The same might also apply to binoculars and other removable items.

Presumably, once you have successfully de-named the boat, you can return the items on board.

Anonymous said...

I think I would keep the old logbooks ashore... why run the risk of jinxing yourself or the boat... Binoculars and such I think can stay aboard either way.