04 October 2006

How to get crew

In a recent post, The Talking Shit about a Pretty Sunset guy laments a bit about why people won't sail when invited. Recently, I was relegated to frisbee golf instead of sailing for heaven's sake.

But, I came up with a decent solution. People work for me. Monday to Friday, 9A to 5P I own their time. If only I could come up with some gimmick like "achieve record revenue this quarter and I take you sailing!". Something like that would be great.

I still only got a few takers but enough to have crew for the day and go out to see day 1 of the Star Worlds. Best part of this boss/employee relationship, you can make them wear the Pirate Hat:

And they will keep a good lookout:

This particular crew had one extremely redeeming quality when the wind started picking up. Can you say rail-meat?

They wouldn't hike like I asked them to after almost throwing BC off the boat during a tack. Apparently, my instructions of "scurry over to the new high side when the boom comes over" wasn't quite understandable. Combine his 6'5" 250+ pounds being on the new low side with the freshening breeze and I can tell you we were no longer sailing flat.

I ended up having to resort to my usual managerial ways, beat the living performance out of them with the hiking stick:

"Trim, damn you, trim!"


Lonnie Bruner said...
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Lonnie Bruner said...

I have three theories as to why people don't go sailing when invited:

1 - They don't like me.

2 - They actually don't like sailing.

3 - People are fucking lame.

Moore #114 said...

Gee, since you're the boss you just need to have a sailing day once a week. "Come sail with me or you have to stay in the office"
Just getting started at http://nw505.blogspot.com/
Hope you pay a visit

Anonymous said...

what, no eyepatch to go with the pirate hat???