10 October 2006

Down by the Bay

I wasn't feeling too well yesterday so took the day off work. Of course, staying at home wasn't an option with the kids and all, so I went down to the boat to relax. I got some projects done including getting ready for this winter's rains and a few minor things that I've been putting off. I also took a few naps.

Being at the marina on a school/work day was very interesting. A lot of charters were coming and going from OCSC, not many fishing boats, but a surprising number of sailors. But by far the coolest thing I saw was the Dragon Boats. They had two of them out with what appeared to be a class on a field trip.


It got me thinking what a cool place this is. I view it as my home base for sailing but there are people making their livings here, people living here, and activities that let normal people be nautical for the day. It has its own ecosystem both environmental and financial.

I walked the docks a bit after taking crappy photos of the dragonboats (since getting the Nikon it's really hard to take pictures with the Elph). I tried to look at the people a bit differently, figuring out why they were at the marina on a Monday (besides it being a kindof holiday). The Seatow guy looked more bored than usual, the OCSC docks were bustling, all of the liveaboards appear unemployed. I saw a sailmaker fitting sails, two divers, and Jose towing derelict boats back and forth. Very few people just doing boat things on their boats. The Berkeley Marine Center hoisted and launched 2 boats that I saw. It's expensive to own one of these creatures but it sure employs a lot of people.

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Zen said...

AH yes, it is a different world, full of activity. Strangly calming in it's bussle