11 October 2006

Polka Dot Racing (PDR)

Polka Dot Racing rises from the ashes. Crew is starting to trickle in from the wasteland that was the old PDR. Life is going to be dramatically different on the new boat. For one, she's not named "Polka Dot" but more importantly we need 4 crew rather than 3.

I figure we'll need a driver, jib trim, main trim, and foredeck. Foredeck might be lonely but upwind we'll put the main trimmer on the rail too. If the wind picks up, we might even add a ceremonial ballast position.

Other differences: Bigger boat means that we might make it through the chop upwind easier. We rate under 200! Boat is blue not yellow. There's a built in cooler in the cockpit. Loose footed main.


This is the shirt from the 2005 season; it's very likely that this will be changing for this year's Chowders. Stay tuned for news.

1 comment:

Moore #114 said...

Nah, I'm just a hack like everyone else. The top guys and gals are REALLY the top. Go give it a try sometime and you can be a hack too. Lot's of 5ohs on the bay.
keep an eye on the site and come down this spring when we have a regatta down there.
Good Luck to Polka Dot racing.