01 September 2006

Starbeam Update

Starbeam is one coat of paint and reinstallation of hardware from splashing this weekend! I had it easy, Bob did the hard part, and then all I had to do was hand Camille sandpaper and a paintbrush and off she went.

This is the final coat of varnish for the interior. The bulkhead doesn't look so great but the rest of the wood is beautiful. The best part about the varnish is that it hides all of the epoxy that I put in the seams.

Bottom is sanded and cleaned:

And, damn those afternoon shadows, 2 coats of "medium blue". Note to the marketing team at Interlux: medium blue and baby blue are not the same thing. The most important thing: Camille loves it and I think we may take her sailing this weekend.


Zen said...

Looking good. Do you guys have a name for your shipyards?

Anonymous said...

Just curious, but what is up with the bulkhead??? The rest of Starbeam looks beautiful though. :D