04 September 2006

Noah's First Sail


That's one salty kid. 3 days shy of his first birthday, the elusive confluence of light winds, free time, and a "what the hell, it has to happen sometime" attitude. We didn't last long, maybe an hour, but he saw a bit of sailing, a very brief amount of drifting and, for the first of many times in his life, his Dad yelling at a stinkpotter for throwing a wake at us for no reason (more on that later).

"Dad, what happens if I get my finger caught in this?":

And he has a good role model on main trim:

So, as for that maniac who disrupted Noah's first sail with one nasty looking wake...he's jinxed. I was about to cast a serious stinkeye at him when I noticed the name of his boat in bright gold leaf on the transom: Yacht Sea. Nothing more I need to do...Neptune has his eye on this cat.


Anonymous said...

Was it really the poor bast@rd who got caught in the surf below the Golden Gate???

EVK4 said...

Nope, just an annoying stinkpotter who shares a jinxed boatname.