06 September 2006

New Escapade to Follow

Now that Harley has aborted his RTW in an 8 foot marble attempt, I need some escapade to follow. Luckily, Sailing Anarchy provided a link to Sail Mike, a 14 year old attempting to be the youngest solo transatlantic sailor.

In a fit of parental responsibility, his Dad is going to trail him in an identical boat to make sure everything goes OK. Kind of touching and somewhat interesting, defeating a bit of the solo crossing stuff but still within the spirit of the adventure.

Here's the boat they're crossing on, a Tide 28:tide28
Source: Sailmike.com

And this is where it gets interesting, please note the logo on young SailMike's shirt:
Source: Sailmike.com

If you can't read it, it says "Tide 28". According to the SailMike website these are fast, safe and easy to handle yachts which have been jointly designed between Michael, his Dad and Nigel Harley.

Aha, it's a yacht designer exploiting his son to market his new MacGregor 26X lookalike "yacht". And, here I am publicizing it to my tens of readers. Sort of like a chain letter but I'll be following anyway.


Tillerman said...

So assuming this kid makes it OK, when will your Noah be ready to break the record for youngest solo sailor across the Atlantic?

Anonymous said...

LOL. Tillerman, when is the world's cutest granddaughter going to learn to sail??

At least they're trying to raise funds for charity as well as exploiting a child... :D

Carol Anne said...

Edward, I apologize for this comment being somewhat off-topic, but I do need to inform you of a most important date.

International "Talk Like a Pirate Day" is fast approaching, and, as a pirately person, you need to know about it. September 19, you must indulge in plenty of aaarrrrhhs and mateys. Hoist that Jolly Roger, and keep that parrot on your shoulder crying out "Pieces of Eight."

And be sure to give Pirate Junior a good cutlass to swing around.

Anonymous said...

very observant. It looks like a big powerplant dragging from the transom there, though maybe not as big as the standard motor on the Mac26x...there really is no equal