02 August 2006

Troubles returning

Wow, the Pacific Cup is having some troubles getting its boats back to the mainland. Just when I had decided I was going to do this race. Thankfully, none of the problems are serious, but I figure I should link to them:
All sailors are safe and sound. The Mureadritta XL crew has been rescued, Foolish Muse is sailing on with the main as a trysail, and Irish Lady has been towed back to Hawaii. {note: Foolish Muse was in the singlehanded transpac, not the Pac Cup}

Very little broke on my transatlantic sail but I blame that on my Dad's preparedness and that we didn't really push the boat too hard. We hit weather, but minimized canvas as soon as possible and never really tried to go fast. What did break was easy to fix (some blocks for the staysail, the bilge (repeatedly), and my sleeping patterns). Oh, the propeller shaft bent but all that did was let a lot of water in and make the bilge fixes that much more important.

I am going to take this as a sign that I need to be fastidious in my preparations, not that I shouldn't do it. Besides, it seems like the way home is the hard part and that's what shipping containers and delivery crew are for!


Anonymous said...

"Fortunately, none of the problems are serious." .... I had always considered sinking to be a fairly serious event at sea....

EVK4 said...

I should have realized that not everyone followed the story as closely as I did. Sinking is very very serious, but these guys were very very seriously prepared.

they had an evacuation plan, emergency equipment, and even a satellite phone to keep people updated.

That they were able to take pictures of a sinking boat and were rescued within a day speaks to how well prepared they were. I don't believe I would have written about these events unless they were safely ashore.