03 August 2006

Pirates Needed

I don't know where I found this little chart but after seeing An Inconvenient Truth, I realize that I have to do everything possible to help the environment.

As you can see, there are more fundamental relationships to global warming than just gas mileage and burning coal. You don't need an MBA and piles of regression analysis to see that more pirates are needed.

I'm in a unique position to help. I have a boat and a pirate flag. And the will to use them.
dread pirate tim
Behold! Tim cutting greenhouse gasses.


EVK4 said...

Note: that's my old boat.

Anonymous said...

Does the horizon always slope like that in your part of the world?

Anonymous said...

crack is whack, EVK

EVK4 said...

The world is round Anonymous. You expect the horizon to be straight?