29 July 2006

On the Boat today

We went down to the boat today to tidy some things up and do a few errands. I hadn't run the engine in a while so I gave it some exercise, cleaned a few things, and most importantly, used the marina parking lot to go to the kite festival. The marine forecast called for 5-10 knots which sucks for a kite festival, but it turned out to be a pretty consistent 10 knots which isn't bad.

Tomorrow morning should be another light wind day so we may take Noah out for the first time. So we checked out the fit of Camille's old scooby-doo lifejacket. Finally, it fits:

He's ready to sail. Hopefully Sunday morning will be his maiden voyage under sail power!


Anonymous said...

Obviously you've married a woman far prettier than you deserve...which seems to be common, as I did it too. ;)

EVK4 said...

Dan, you said it. I realize that every day.

As to Noah's first sail that will have to wait for another day. We woke up this morning with a mess in the laundry room...our dog had blood in her urine, a sure sign of a bladder or urinary tract infection. One visit to the dog emergency room and sailing was off for the day.

Next week, I might try him in Clover...now officially done!