24 August 2006

More on Harley

I admit this is a sick fascination with me. On one hand, I truly think it's the adventurers and crazies that move the world forward. Without them, we'd still think the world was flat and/or never have found what's on the other side of the curves.

But, unfortunately, I'd bet we are without a lot of them. And, it just scares me that this guy has committed to doing this without the necessary preparations. I've crossed an ocean on a very well-found boat and that was scary. On a leaking, small, possibly shoddily built, blue marble of a boat, it will be VERY SCARY.

Here's the problems as I know them today: the rudder is leaking, he needs to get south with a northerly current, and he doesn't have an oar. Oh, and apparently he plans to quit smoking during the trip. Those are the discovered issues. Who knows if he can sail to weather, if the mast will hold up, or if he even likes plankton & peanut butter.

Here's an email from a gentleman who has seen him:
"Yes !! I think quite a few people are concerned .. So far he launched the boat Saturday(19)
The two helpers left soon after .(with the trailer I believe) .. He got a tow around to a spot in the boat harbour .. after stowing more supply's...The next day most of his stuff was out on the float He has a bad leak where the rudder bolted on .. Each AM he tediously mop's & bail's --what appears to be several gallons of water from the bilge. The balance of each day is spent talking to fishermen -tourist & any -body that wanders- bye.. & smokes one cigarette after another..( which may be difficult at sea ) I went down to the waterfront at 130pm to-day,, & he's movedto the sand flats at the east end (waiting for the tide to fall ) ,,,,,,, I went down again to-night at 730 & he was out on the sand taking photo's . The tide will very low to-morrow AM at 8-02,,I don't know he move's it as he doesn't appear to have a oar.. I understand he paid for 13 days,,,So I guess this calm weather isn't rushing him .. Winter SE winds are not far away .. It wouldn't surprise me if he doesn't end up in the "Charlottes" or " Alaska " I'm 71 years old -born here-The materials that drift on to our beaches all come north from south California-Oregon & Wash ," Never buck the tide " or mother nature. the way I see it he's doing both ."

The guy sent me this on an inquiry I sent to him; I don't know if he really wants me to publish it, but I'm leaving his name off of it at least.

With my sales team, I always talk about "red flags" -- things that should alert them that we may have a problem and try to counter them before they become problems. Anybody see some red flags for this voyage?

I'll end this post, as always, wishing Harley good luck and fair winds


Zen said...

Red flag...hmmm

How about one big red house size sign board!

Anonymous said...

Definitely red flags on this.. his rudder is held on using brass door hinges.

Anonymous said...

Hey Edward, what was the URL for this guy's site again?