23 August 2006


I got a comment from the writer over at BMW/Oracle's blog yesterday...obviously noting the spike in traffic that my link caused. My tens of readers form a powerful media bloc that I use with force and abandon.

Now, a comment is nice and I appreciate that he came over and noticed my little blog but I want more. I want a ride on one of these:
oracle sm40
Photo Source: Jackovator over at Sailing Anarchy

Those are Oracle's Swedish Match 40s that tool around on the bay from time to time. I assume they're supposed to be on the Swedish Match Tour somewhere but on the off-chance that they're here in the Bay Area and that TFE comes back over to EVK4 again, I want a ride. I'll even volunteer my 170 pounds of solid muscle as a grinder. And, if they need a driver, Camille can take the tiller.

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