22 August 2006

Hard Work

Again, no pictures because they will look exactly like yesterday's, but Camille and I put another coat of varnish on Starbeam. What's great about this is she's involved in the work that will become her boat. Hopefully, she'll have a sense of pride and enjoy it that much more.

While sanding (320 grit), she started getting excited and said she'd like to sail right now. I became the stuffy father and told her a bunch of nonsense about not rushing, doing it right, etc. She laughed at me and said, "no, I meant Lady Bug, we haven't even painted Starbeam yet." Good kid, that one.

On another blogging note, to replace Tillerman is going to take, like, 3 other blogs. I've found the first: BMW Oracle's AC blog. Very well written and interesting. Which might be a first for the AC.

Update on Seabiscuit. The first leak appeared while docklines were attached.


Anonymous said...

Camille's got her priorities right...no sailing the boat until the boat is painted. Really smart kid.....cute too.

TFE said...

Thanks for your kind comments about the BMW ORACLE Racing Blog, or "The BOB" as many now call it. Keep up the nice work with your own blog.