05 July 2006

The El Toro is Green

Considering the lack of on the water time this long weekend, I sure got a lot of boat-related crap done. Lady Bug got a lot of attention and Clover finally got pulled out of hibernation to get a new coat of paint.

Last we saw Clover, she had her inners painted and was stashed over in a corner of the yard. Well, the landscaping project took her cozy little area away and she got put smack dab in the middle of the deck. Now, the view from the family room was a constant reminder that I've neglected the poor boat. Besides, I am pretty sure I have a very limited time that I get to keep a boat on sawhorses on the deck.

So, Camille and I got to work and finished two coats of paint.

First Coat:

Second Coat:

That's Kelly Green folks. The paint is so glossy that you can actually see your reflection in it. Once that third coat goes on, I'm hoping that my reflection will make me look like a particularly skinny Hulk.

If I get the third coat done tonight, I can reattach all the hardware Thursday night and might get to splash her with that fancy Pineapple sail this weekend!


Anonymous said...

Very cool.

What brand of paint did you use?

Anonymous said...

Very green...very nice.

Anonymous said...

Very nice. Clover is very appropriately painted. :D

EVK4 said...

I think it's Pettit Easypoxy. it's a one part polyurethane. I haven't done the most professional job of it, but it's looking good anyway.