18 May 2006

A Sad Day

A sailor onboard ABN Amro Two died last night after being swept overboard. Hans Horrevoets had a wife and a young daughter at home.

When I was preparing for my Transatlantic sail, many people thought I was crazy to do something so dangerous. I would glibly reply that if I was going to die, sailing across an ocean seemed like the best way to do it. But I was 24 years old with no family to support. This man is leaving a family behind and I cannot imagine the grief that they are feeling.

If there's a nautical way to fly a mast at half mast I'm going to do it this weekend in honor of a man doing something courageous and exciting and giving his life so that I can follow a sailboat race.

Rest in Peace Hans Horrevoets.


Anonymous said...

My time spent with Hans was so much fun. We hung out at Skandia Geelong Week and had an absolute ball enjoying the festivities and talking about the most important things in our lives. Sailing, and most importantly... family.

Goodbye my friend... May you forever float on the crystal waters you called home...

Zen said...

My condolances to the family.
An unexspected lost is always hardest!