22 May 2006

No wind

I went down to the boat Saturday thinking I'd go sailing. A storm was expected Saturday afternoon so I thought I'd have some pre-storm southerlies to enjoy. But when I got down there, flat calm. Score! Perfect day to re-rig the outhaul and reefing lines.

I had some extra time so I re-rigged the boomvang and traveller too. I then had a balance bar and tried to figure out if the boats were moving with a current or if there was an actual knot of breeze that I couldn't feel at the dock.

I'd have expected to be bummed out not to sail but it was a pleasant day at the docks and I got some good work done and found out more about my neighbor's trip to Hawaii. And since I was at Worst Marine anyway, I got a pack of through-hull plugs for him, contributing in a small way to his crossing.


Anonymous said...

Some days, just being on the boat, doing boat stuff is a good way to spend the time. The other day, I took the Pretty Gee out on to Buzzards Bay only to find absolutely no wind.... a rather unusual occurrence for Buzzards Bay. But the sunset I saw was well worth the time it took to get out there.

Zen said...

I went down to s/v Zen on Sunday, it Rained, alot! but it was still a good day! Boat time is good time even just at the dock.

Carol Anne said...

I have to second Dan and Zen. It's good to be on a boat, even if all one does is tinker.