11 May 2006

Polka Dot Sails

I had some minutes to spare and was by the marina today so I thought I'd go sit on the boat and contemplate. As is habit, I looked at my old boat, Polka Dot, on the way out to my pier. "what the hell?" I said to myself. Polka Dot's slip was empty. First thought: stolen. Second thought: sunk.

But then I saw good old sail number 15 sailing in the marina so I rushed to my slip so I could wave as she went by. I ran all the way down to my boat, hopped up on the companionway hatch and Polka Dot was still sailing in that same spot? Did I drive so fast that I somehow stopped time sort of like when Superman flew around the earth counterclockwise and reversed time and undid that earthquake? Nope, I have a jeep not a sportscar.

Then I noticed what was happening. The new owner was sailing back and forth in the marina, practicing. Which sort of made up for the fenders dangling overboard. He would reach over to the Hornblowers, tack, then sail over to the fishing boats, then tack and so on.

My theory is that he read the blog, was a bit embarassed about the Vessel Assist thing, and is set to prove to me that he's a bad ass sailor. As long as he's keeping the lead side down I'm as happy as a clam to see Polka Dot patrolling the waters again.


Anonymous said...


Good to see that you're keeping an eye out for Polka Dot. :D


P.S. you really should link to my blog.

EVK4 said...

Dan, you have taken Zephyr's place in my most honored links list. Zephyr has been replaced for using the term BN in anything other than a "I can't believe anyone still uses this term". it's offensive and indefensible.

Anonymous said...


Request: Please take pictures.

El Caballo Loco

PS Edward what kind of paint did you use on the El Toro....and where did you buy it from?

Zen said...

I sold my old boat, Kuan Yin, to a lady I use to work with. Kaun Yin is still in my marina, just a few slips down. From time to time I stop by to pay my respects and check on her. The first time she was taken out I felt like a parent who child was riding a bike without trainging wheels.It is a weird connection we have with these boats isn't.

Anonymous said...

If often wonder how and what my past loves (boats) are doing...

The strangest thing is that when I see them, and look at the developments the new owners have made, I always think they have ruined a part of their spirit...

Hmmmm... I think it's time I let go...

Has the new owner of Polka Dot developed her, or still in the very early stages of understanding her abilities?