09 May 2006

Hot Boats

I usually post about my own sailing experiences, but sadly this last weekend I didn't sail. Or even work on the boat for that matter.

What I have done is read about sailing voraciously over the past week as the Volvo Ocean Race has been in full swing. Today on Sailing Anarchy, a gentleman named Foredeck Shuffle posted this shot of the seven VO70s lined up in Annapolis.

Credit: Foredeck Shuffle

What's so cool in this shot is that a couple of the boats have lightweight sails rigged as their battle flag. How cool would it be to have a Pirates in-port jib flying at all times. I bet even the seagulls would be scared of my boat.


Zen said...

or the gulls...they will use it for target practice!

Tillerman said...

Just hang up that picture of yourself in a pirate hat - that will scare anything.