16 March 2006

Silence Explained

Whew, this has been a tough couple of weeks. Both in a bad and a good way. The bad: every single person in my family has had some sort of version of ebola or the bird flu or the plague or some as yet unidentified exotic disease. There's a chance we're recovering, but I would have thought that any time in the last 3 weeks. The good is equally agonizing: Camille got into both of the schools we applied to. And we had to decide.

We ended up going with the more academic prep school even though we love the more community based, teach to the heart as much as the head other school. In my shallow mind, the deciding factors were the tennis courts and swimming pool; at least, that's what I'm telling people.

So now I have to reconcile my need for a new reefing system with a $17,800 tuition. But I have a solution for that. See that link to the right that says "Polka Dot Racing Retail"? Well, I priced in a handy $0.01 profit on each t-shirt. I'm not asking my loyal score of readers to pay for my daughter's education through t-shirts and thong underwear....just to pay for my reefing system. I only need you guys to buy about 17,000 items to be able to afford it. Not too much to ask for, is it?


Anonymous said...

Well...I spent time at both the touchy feely, and the uptight super prep. Got kicked out of both (more than two actually) and enjoyed it all thoroughly. Not sure my parents did though. I can tell you that you made the right decision based on facilities. Nothing like having a golf course and yacht club on campus.

Anonymous said...

$17,800 tuition! Hokey smokes that's a lot of Crapola Trucker hats. At least there's a pool.

Litoralis said...

What on earth is wrong with the public schools in your neighborhood?

EVK4 said...

re: Oakland Public schools. We tried that this year and made it one month. Among the obstacles: 4 teachers in first month, a teacher lawsuit against principal, very slightly veiled threats against parents by principal, 27 kids in class, and it goes on, very long story filled with heartache and anger.

eli, one of the first things my dad taught me about sailing -- it doesn't mix with golf, no wonder you got kicked out of that school. whatever happened academically, you sure know how to macguyver an iceboat!

Litoralis said...

Oh, I forgot you were in Oakland; not exactly a hotbed of quality public schools.