03 March 2006

No new boat stuff for a while

Seriously, I need to take a break. The UPS guy and I have a secret handshake we've gotten to be such good friends.

So I'm going to hold off for a while, compile a new list, and install everything I have (and those three last things en route now). So, here's the new stuff that has either gone in or is in queue: mainsail, 110% headsail, non-leaking head, shore charger, fire extinguishers, mainsheet controls, jib cam cleats, docking lines, new canvas (mainsail cover, tiller cover, winch covers), halyards, sheets, adjustable backstay, and halyard clutches. I don't even want to list broken stuff that's been fixed or dirty stuff that's been cleaned.

But, I still have a list. A few of these are actually essential, but I need to get what I have finished first. Primary winches (Harken 16 self tailing), reefing system and lines, galley and head faucets, cushion covers cleaned or replaced, cabin paint, remove a few horn cleats from uncomfortable spots, tiller extension that will actually come off the tiller when requested, and ports that don't leak.

What's amazing is that other than the mainsail, this boat was perfectly sailable and I still poured all this money and time into it. What would happen if I actually bought a fixer? Thankfully, my wife reads this and can remind me of this before the next boat upgrade.

I might go sailing this weekend.

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Anonymous said...

I know what you mean. I've spent a fair bit on upgrades for my upcoming boat....she gets delivered in April.