16 January 2006

Go the Clover!

Work is progressing on Clover. We've had a few days of good weather and a few moments to spare for some boat work. I realized that there is no way I'm going to get the homegrown fiberglass in the cockpit (what do you call it on a dinghy, the inside?) as smooth as I want so I'm living with the imperfections. But that doesn't mean I can't make it look as good as possible (after all, my kids will have to sail this thing).

I'm halfway through the interior paintjob with all of the sanding and fairing and priming done. Now, two coats of easypoxy off white and a kelly green clover to sit on and it's off to the hull.

The real sign that I'm getting excited about this project isn't the number of coats, but that my lullaby stroll with the 4-month old goes by the living room window so that he and I can watch the paint dry and admire the boat. Go the Clover!

Sanded and Faired

One coat of Primer

Two coats of Primer


Anonymous said...

Holy cow, you glassed the whole inside of the boat not just the seams! Did you glass the hull?

EVK4 said...

this boat (Clover) is glass...I just primed it and will soon paint. Starbeam is wooden and she will be varnished on the interior and painted on the hull.

Tillerman said...

Aaah - the lullaby stroll - one of the great pleasures of fatherhood - or grandfatherhood in my case. Enjoy.

Anonymous said...

Just checked to see what's new...and happen to be #5000! Yeah!